Jyväskylä is Great for Families!

We will need to go back to Jyväskylä, as we found loads of fun and reasonably priced things to do there:

  • The lovely animal yard in Lievestuore about half an hours drive outside of Jyväskylä that I fell in love with.
  • wpid-20140625_151306.jpgThe traffic park (liikennepuisto) in Viitaniemi was in my opinion more versatile than the one in Helsinki but not quite as big as the one in Copenhagen. Viitaniemi also had a number of different pedal vehicles to be used, even bigger pedal cars where smaller children could catch a ride with a pedalling parent.


  • wpid-20140625_154210.jpgNot a big surprise that I wanted to visit the handicrafts museum on the pedestrian zone downtown. I was slightly disappointed by the exhibition (small and nothing new) though but positively surprised by how child friendly the museum was: if you pressed a button, a sheep will told you the story of how woollen clothes are made. After the first part of the story we searched for the foot prints of the sheep and those led us to the next thing for children to look at. There was the next button and next part of the story too. A bit of a hunting trail. Also, kids got to open drawers to find things. A good idea to make a museum a bit adventurous for children (even though ours were too tired to really focus on the story, and my boy still loved a pink car most)!

wpid-20140625_154810.jpg wpid-20140625_154305.jpg

  • The best part was the crafts workshop upstairs: a room full of soooooo many different materials that one could use to make crafts. In the midst of camping and an outdoorsy week we spent easily 1,5 hours there. My girl did what was the theme at the time, designed her own room, and my boy made an original card and lollipops. All this for a mere 6 euro entrance fee for me; the adult. All under 18 have a free entrance.


  • A visit to the aviation museum in Tikkakoski (Keski-Suomen ilmailumuseo) just north of the city made our son extremely happy. Apparently it’s a good aviation museum but let’s just say I’m not quite as enthusiastic about aircraft as the rest of the family, so it us hard for ne to review it. But it was tidy and our kids found most of Dusty’s real kife friends there. Admission for adults 8 euros.

wpid-20140626_121554.jpg wpid-20140626_123527.jpg wpid-20140626_121445.jpg

Unfortunately we didn’t have time to explore more of Jyväskylä but next time we may check out

  • the recreational family island Lehtimäki, apparently similar to Mustasaari in Helsinki.
  • the Mäki-Matti family park (is it just me who finds it a tad…  sad..  that the family park has been named after the ski jumping legend who gets more often married and divorced than Brooke in the Bold and the Beautiful?)
  • The library seems to be vibrant and have loads of story telling times, playes etc on. Check it especially if you are in Jyväskylä July 9-12th for Lasten Kesä (“Children’s Summer”)
  • The nature museum (Keski-Suomen luontomuseo) is free and has according to my second cousin quite an interactive way to introduce the nature e.g. by letting you combine sounds to animals.
  • I have no idea if they are affordable or not but a cruise on Päijänne, the longest lake of Finland, would be fun.
  • Our rainy day plan was to visit the planetarium that has been built inside of a rock (Kallioplanetaario).


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  6. My boys would love that traffic park! Do the kids get to keep what they make at the crafts workshop?

    1. Sure, we have the crafts at home now!

  7. Great recommendations and more to come back for! I love those peddle vehicles. Unfortunately the place near us isn’t running at the moment. Hopefully they’ll open again sometime.

    Did you say planetarium in a rock?

    1. Yes, apparently they have a huge cave in a rock were tge planetarium is. Sounds so weird that it should be checked out already for that!

  8. Wow, this area sounds like it has a ton to do! I love when museums have something interesting for the kids.:)

    1. Is it just me or have the museums overall become more child friendly? I can’t remember any of these hands on and interactive museum options from my childhood. I like it!

      1. Yes, I remember museums being pretty boring when I was young. Unless they were designated children’s museums.

  9. It sounds like a city with lots to do and a great travel destination with young children. Another place to add to my destination wishlist. 🙂

    1. Yes, I was surprised by how much there was and how little I had heard about it before!

      1. I often find that about locations in Japan too. Sometimes I find real gems and not only have I ever heard about them, but a google search brings up nothing in English and only a little in Japanese. It’s a good thing sometimes, as it means it’s less crowded than well known places.

        1. That’s true, and I’m sure the crowd aspect is even more important in a “slightly” more densly populated Japan!

          1. 🙂 Everyone gets the same holidays here, so during particular weeks in Japan certain locations are chock-a-block! Not to mention the highways! But we’ve found a way around it. 🙂 Thanks to you, Finland has really become a place I want to visit and I hope that someday we might be able to manage it during an extended stay at home in Ireland. 🙂

            1. Cool, thanks! And welcome, whenever it fits to your programme Unfortunately I am very aware of how short the time is in trying to fit everything one wants in when there is family in other countries…

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